Flax in the Family!

Written by Karen on July 1st, 2009

Imagine my utter delight when I opened up an email from my sister today sharing a big sense of ‘food accomplishment.’  Colleen, husband Charlie, and their three incredible kids – Jane, Chase, and Mary – have just returned from a nine-month sojourn from Europe to South America.  While they indulged in fresh flavors from native lands, they now totally embrace the bounty from local farmers and health food stores back home.  I just had to share…

Interesting fact at Chez Hildeburn that we’d like to brag about and thank you for . . .
In our pantry I have shelves labeled (i.e. baking, nuts, tomato, pasta/rice, etc.). One of the sections was for “prepared food” like mac-n-cheese, Hamburger Helper (hopefully not in the last 10 years, but you get the idea). When Jane & I were in there yesterday, we realized that we don’t have anything anymore for that section! Hallelujah! We chuckle at the slow changes we make.”


Jane enjoying her new favorite salad addition

Jane and Mary are on the bandwagon; Chase is too, but he’s at camp.


Mary helping me with strawberry ice cream

Now I don’t want you to think Colleen was into un-healthy food before this.  She has always fed her family a wholesome variety with a few exceptions here and there.  But the transformation has been profound, shifting from white flour to whole wheat; boxed cereals to homemade granola; soaked grains to sprouts, and conventional beef to grass-fed.  As Colleen noted, it is a work in progress…one bite at a time.  Hallelujah, Sister!

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